Linear provide complete support to the UK  Manufacturing Sector from concept to production.

We provide funding for all production equipment and all the associated plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings e.g.  software,  lighting, extraction, furniture etc. so that they can be paid for from future revenues as they generate income.

Business loans provide working capital for funding orders, stock and business development including acquisitions and restructuring.

Invoice finance releases cash tied up in the debtor book.


Linear provide  crucial funding  for vehicle assets so that the cost can be spread over their useful working lives.

We can also fund vehicle add-ons such as telematics packages.

Leasing and hire purchase is available for other important non-vehicle assets such as warehouses, refrigeration, containers, racking, computers , CCTV, fixtures and fittings etc.

We provide business development loans  which can be used for projects, provision of funds for Operator  Licenses or general working capital.

Invoice finance releases cash tied up in the debtor book.


Linear’s specialist media team provide:-

  • Asset Finance for new and second user equipment over periods of up to 5 years.
  • Unsecured Loans for all business purposes including general working capital and paying off other debts.
  • Invoice finance to release capital tied up in the debtor book
  • GAP funding against future contracted income including tax credits


Linear Healthcare provides innovative funding to the healthcare sector ensuring that the best possible facilities can be provided today and paid for from future years’ budgets.

Funding is provided to key facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as well as to individual practitioners and practices including:-   Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Opticians and Pharmacists.


Linear supports the Hospitality Industry with complete funding solutions.

  • Property – Funding for new sites or refinancing existing facilitities. Products include mortgages, bridging, development and secured loans.
  • Equipment – Paying for equipment as it generates revenue for you e.g. kitchen equipment, furniture, audio visual, fixtures and fittings etc.
  • Vehicles – new, used, classic and performance
  • Unsecured Loans- Acquisition, refurbishment, franchise fees, marketing, recruitment, stock, tax bills, working capital etc.
  • Cash Flow Finance – Short term loans, debtor finance and loans against future credit card receipts.


Linear has special funding schemes for professional practices underlying their status as preferred borrowers.

Asset Finance is available for funding practice assets such as furniture, IT, fixtures and fittings and refurbishments over periods of up to 5 years.

Professions loans can be used for multiple purposes such as acquiring another practice, debt restructuring, paying tax bills  and general working capital.

Introducer schemes are available to provide funding solutions for clients.


Linear covers the complete spectrum within the waste and recycling industries – this includes assets required for the initial collection of waste through to complete treatment plants.

Where vehicles are used we can also provide funding for extras such as skips and bins, telematics and loans to cover Operators Licenses.

This division also covers renewables and energy efficient products e.g. wind turbines and LED lighting

    Applying for Funding

    Linear looks at each individual proposal on its own merits. We do not use credit scoring and work with you to show that you are a good bet to lend to.

    We would be delighted to discuss solutions to your requirements in more detail click here to send us a message. All fields are required